I’ve Been Endorsed by the Reform Party

Although I’m an independent who strongly believes politicians ought to represent their constituents before any political party — even despite political parties — the values of the Reform Party in particular resonate with me and I believe they would resonate with the citizens of district 8. This is why I voted Reform in 2020 and seek cooperation with the party in order to win this election and bring power back to the People! I’m honored to receive the Reform Party’s endorsement.

The Reform Party is a moderate, centrist and populist party that sits in the center of the political spectrum. It has moderate fiscal and economic platforms mixed with strong calls for ethics and electoral reform based on populist beliefs.

Reform Party of the United States of America

The party’s platform explicitly supports electoral reform, fiscal responsibility, and constitutional rights. It takes no stance on social issues, bringing together a broad coalition who believe the government’s corruption and irresponsibility are unacceptable. It’s easy to see how our goals overlap and why I’m happy to work with them!

The Reform Party was founded by Ross Perot, a populist outsider who garnered nearly 19% of the popular vote for President in 1992 — an outstanding performance for a third party. In comparison, the Libertarians (which are the best performing today), only received little more than 1% of the vote in 2020. Despite their lackluster performance in presidential elections today, the Reform Party still holds a number of offices at the local level.

Instead of diving Americans, catering to political extremes, and pitting folks against each other, let’s unite against corruption and irresponsibility to make Clark County — and the entirety of America — truly great! Click here to learn how I intend on doing that.