Post-Ballot Access Financial Report

As an independent, I don’t have to file any financial reports this time of year, but since I just got on the ballot and duopoly candidates recently filed their primary reports, I thought it would be a good idea to give an unofficial report to the People. I’m 100% transparent and always will be, so here’s where my money came from and where it went:

We’ve raised $400 for the campaign (thank y’all so much!), with $105 of that being my own money. Every penny came from a real person, no lobbyist, PAC, or corporate money whatsoever! I’m a populist, grassroots candidate beholden to no one but the People of district 8. The largest donation was $250 and my average donation ended up being $80, which is a funny coincidence, considering the name of my district.

I spent $28.04 for the website, $20.65 for a checkbook from the bank, $31.31 for cards, and $15.26 on fees, leaving a current balance of $304.74. I designed the website, cards, logos, graphics, and video myself, utilizing my various skillsets to save lots of money — and I’ll bring that work ethic to Arkadelphia if elected JP this November!

My financial strategy revolves around marketing. I need folks to know who I am and what I’m running on, otherwise I don’t stand a chance. In August, I hope to spend $125 (assuming the price doesn’t change) for a 3-month, 1/4 page ad in The Arkadelphian, a local, online newspaper that I’m a fan of. I’ll also inquire about putting ads in local, print newspapers. Social media ads are on the table as well and an associate mentioned direct mail (although that might be too expensive).

I don’t like asking for money, especially during these hard times, but if you believe in giving power back to the People and making Clark County great again: how about you donate $8 for district 8? Although small dollar donations don’t seem like much, they’re crucial to this campaign’s success and can get us that much closer to getting the word out and winning this election! Thank you for your support!